Break My Heart

When I started this blog I figured it would be all about my love for everything home and design. I loooooved interior design and obviously due to the hubs career I’m exposed to beautiful homes on a daily basis. Never did I think I would go through such a life changing transformation and expose it here, for the world to see. I didn’t know I would be comfortable being fully real on here. Yet, here I am. Finding out who I am and who I’m supposed to be right where everyone can see. It means opening myself up to criticism and you know what? I have come to terms with that.

The thing is, my heart is broken. I’ve always had a place in my heart for children..especially when it comes to children who do not have permanent homes. My heart just aches. I knew I would started at four years old and that desire never stopped. Now I must interject and say that yes, of course I would love to say that all the children who do not have homes may be adopted by a family member. This in many cases is ideal. However, this isn’t always a reality for many children. I wish I had the ability to become a second mom to all of the children who are needing a home. I know they could all teach me way more than I am capable of learning on my own.

Really I would love to just start with one. But that’s just not in Gods plan right now. However Josh and I are both feeling the need to aid those who don’t have homes…help those who have been left behind by a husband who has passed away..single moms….we just want to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

I’ve been praying the same prayer, “Jesus, break my heart for what breaks yours,” on a daily basis. God was most certainly listening. We have found that our hearts are most certainly in Africa and we want to be there. We want to sponsor children so they can go to school, we want to go over and work in orphanages…we want to help in any way we can even when it seems impossible. I saw an opportunity for a mission trip to Ethiopia in July. Our gut reaction was..that’s too soon, we could never have enough money to go by then. But isn’t that limiting what our God can do? Whose to say that He couldn’t provide the large sum of money needed for us to go. We are praying hard about it and we would love if you would pray with us too.

I designed this print in honor of my favorite song, “Hosanna.” It’s a line from the song that captured my attention one morning and it has stayed with me since. If you want to be challenged in a big way, pray that God will break your heart. You never know what He may lead you to, but whatever it is I can promise you’ll be forever changed.

Thank you dear friends for the love you have shown us. It means so much to us each and every day.


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