Pink + Gray Nursery Reveal

The moment you have all been waiting for is here…Hayley’s room reveal!

Just a quick catch up for those that haven’t been reading along. I am not pregnant. I wish I was, but it looks like that’s not in the plans right now. Really I just have baby fever from all of you cute pregnant gals and your cute little babies. However, our wonderfully wonderful friends Daniel and Ruby ARE expecting a baby..a girl…like any day now. Around these parts Daniel and Ruby are referred to as the besties, BFF’s, and “Uncle Dan” and “Aunt Ruby.” That’s just how we roll. Wow, I am just on a tangent today. Let’s get to it, shall we?
Entering Hayley’s nursery…

So, what do you think?! This was most definitely a labor of love for a little girl who is already so loved. We honestly can’t wait until she gets here so we can see her enjoying her new space. I mean seriously, she’s got to be excited to get out of her current cramped corners right? Hayley, are you listening?!

I don’t think I’ll ever grow tired of seeing a space go from a simple idea to actual reality. It amazes me every time. I love that Daniel and Ruby gave me a lot of “creative control” and yet I would say they were some serious hard workers getting this done. They like to act all humble like they did nothing, but seriously they worked hard on their daughter’s room. I will say one thing…I think we all agree that when you are pregnant, limiting the DIY is a good thing. I am pretty sure Ruby said that at one point. We had a LOT of DIY going on (many inspired by Pinterest of course) and well, Ruby, being the overachiever she is (seriously that girl can do more in a day than I can in an entire year, girl’s got skills) decided to take on a bunch of projects. I loved her enthusiasm, but worried for her safety. All is well, she survived and from the looks on their faces I would say they are actually happy with the room. Good thing, cause that was our goal. So thank you to two of the greatest friends out there for trusting us enough to help design your baby’s nursery. And thank you to my partner-in-crime…the hubsters…for the five million trips over to the house to install yet another shelf, paint another wall, and answer another mathematical question. That guy rocked it. AND thank you to all of you lovely readers for actually believing in me and pushing me to get these photos taken so you could see it. I was a little worried, but hey the only opinions that mattered were those of the parents (and baby of course!).

So do you like it? Anything in particular you have questions about? I’ll try to remain respectful of Daniel and Ruby’s privacy, but if you do have questions please don’t hesitate to ask! Anyone notice that we kind of are pushing Hayley to become a reader….the girl’s got no chance.

 *I’m hoping to update the photos as we finish a few things up. The gallery wall will be finished once Hayley makes her debut. The frame around Hayley’s name is being touched up so the strange glimmer you see is just some unfinished painting that needs to be done…actually it may already have been at this point. 

**I’m also hoping to either A) Happen upon a new lens so that I can get crisper photos or B) Take some photos in the earlier hours when the sun is on that side of the house to get some better shots. This may help show that the walls are all in fact the same shade of gray. Sadly, the kit lens had a bit of a hard time capturing everything perfectly, but it got the job done, what more could we ask? 


6 thoughts on “Pink + Gray Nursery Reveal

  1. I love it all Mallory! You did such an awesome job! I may need to call you up if I ever have a baby girl! 🙂 If you end up coming up to WA this weekend come to our area if you can for a visit!!-Sarah Officer

  2. Gorgeous!!! Seriously, a little jealous… but mostly happy that those new parents get to enjoy a beautiful room with their brand new ball of preciousness 🙂 Great job Mal!

  3. Mahina,The room can be yours if you don't mind sharing with a newborn 😉 The mobile was actually a DIY done by the mommy-to-be. I have a link under the close up picture, but it is made out of paper lanterns (i think 8, 10, and 12 inches) and fabric cut into small circles. I will warn you, it took many hours to complete…but we are so happy with the result! Xoxo,Mallory

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