So I’m a Project 52 failure. I currently have no access to a computer and my camera is sitting safely at home so I’ll be a bit late this time around. Sorry.

To make up for it I added two photos that I took with my phone this week. I got the great idea to put Eden’s lunch in an ice cube tray from a wonderful woman I attend church with. Eden still didn’t eat anything but the blueberries and tortilla (as predicted) BUT she touched every type of food and that folks is a miracle in itself. One day my daughter will love food like her parents do…

Ruby and I went and got pedicures and manicures on Tuesday. We had gotten a Groupon for it in anticipation of using it before Hayley was born. I didn’t think it would happen but here we are…on her due date….still waiting to meet her. Sooooon! Of course there will be photos.

Have a happy weekend.


2 thoughts on “Fail.

  1. I cannot help but look at your daughter and giggle because her facial expressions are SO much like Briella's! We ned to get these chicas together soon so we can giggle over it together! Do you have any free days next week?

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