Project 52:14 | Perfection

Yeah so in case you haven’t noticed I am flat out obsessed with my new “niece” and can’t stop talking about her, let alone blogging about her. I mean, hello…she is adorable. My other two beautiful nieces live in another state so I haven’t gotten to love on them as much as I wish I could. So, Hayley is getting to deal with me now. 
I was a total camera happy crazy auntie at the hospital (would you expect anything less??). I even got to be there while the proud parents were taking little Miss Gorgeous home. As I was snapping away I started to think about how babies are so untainted by the world. I mean, look at her. She is so very innocent. She doesn’t yet know about the scary things in this world. It would be so easy to protect our littles from evil, but in the end I know that keeping them from ever seeing evil means they will never know how to help others. I do absolutely want Eden to stay innocent and young as long as possible. I want her only concerns to be what color crayon she will color with next. And then…when the day comes for her to step out in the world and witness those that are hurting, those that are not kind…I pray that she will be able to imitate the love of Christ and strive to be like Him. And when the temptation to be “perfect” in the eyes of the world arises, I pray that she will always see herself as beautiful, a child of God, that will always be loved IN SPITE OF her imperfections. True beauty is within and I pray that all children can see that as they face the criticism of the world. 
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