18 Months

Well my big girl, you are almost 19 months and your mommy is just now posting about your 18th month. Whoops. As mommy and daddy have taught you to say, “FAIL!” Well, here I am trying to remember what happened last month versus this month…
Things You Love
Giving bear hugs
Watching Dora the Explorer
Dancing..with or without music
Playing outside (win! You used to despise it)
Talking to every single person who walks past us
Playing ball
Playing with your blocks
Things You Don’t Love
Going to bed
You have started to say two word sentences! Unfortunately, most of them aren’t nice words, but we will get there eventually. Your favorite sentence? “Go away!” It started by saying it to the dogs and now you say it to mommy and daddy. No thank you. You can repeat numbers 1-10 in Spanish…but when I ask you to do it in English you just say “cow” after every number. No idea why. You have become more and more cuddly as you grow older. Honestly you give the world’s best hugs and you do your best to squeeze me as hard as you can. I love the cheesy smile you have while you squeeze me. You still ask to go “pee pee” and “poo poo” on the potty, but haven’t been successful yet. No worries, we are in no rush. You are learning how to play with our kids and we love watching you. You absolutely LOVE babies and you talk about them all the time. You haven’t added any new teeth in awhile. Your eating habits have only gotten worse. We can still get you to drink your “every veggie and fruit and fat we can possibly fit smoothie” every day for the most part. 
You are halfway to being 2! We have loved watching you grow so very much. You are a wonderful and loving daughter and we can’t wait to see what the next months have in store. Love you bug!

One thought on “18 Months

  1. Sounds like a girl close to my heart… And meant for a dual language education!! I will speak to her in Spanish only at the wedding so she understands me.:) B

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