Easter…The 2012 Version

This Easter was purely wonderful. Honestly, we enjoyed every last bit of Easter weekend. For those of you in the Northwest can I get an “AMEN!” to that beautiful weather we had?! Nothing like some gorgeous sunshine to really highlight the resurrection. This post is going to feel like picture overload, but I can’t help it..I actually had my camera with me and used it everywhere I went and I am so proud of myself that I want to share. 

On Friday night we dyed eggs. We chose to go the natural dye route…I mean honestly, is there any other way?! Paas you just aren’t my friend with your icky chemicals and smelly scents. While our first experiment with dying eggs didn’t go perfectly as planned, we will most definitely continue dying eggs this way each year. It was fun to experiment and see how different foods reacted with the eggs. Our favorites? Tumeric and beets. I think the greatest part is knowing that back in the day when Jesus was walking around here they actually used food to dye linens. AMAZING. Oh and the fail part of our experiment? Following instructions saying to put in 1/4 cup of vinegar. Next year its 1 Tablespoon…that’s it. You’ll see why.

Yep, the vinegar ate the egg. I think it made for some fun looking eggs though. Lesson learned. Oh and we also experimented with blueberries, spinach, and red cabbage. 
Saturday morning was Eden’s first time at our church’s Easter egg hunt. We knew she would rock it, but WHOA we had no idea that we were going to have to tell her to “stop cleaning up the eggs so other kids could get some.” Moral of the story, the girl loves eggs.

After the egg hunt we took a side trip to take our newest favorite baby her little Easter present. This was also Josh’s FIRST TIME meeting “HeHe” (Eden’s name for her cousin). Obviously he fell in love just as predicted. Sadly, I haven’t been able to get my arms around her since her second day of life. My arms ache, but the idea of giving her my sickness is just too horrid to bear. So I just keep waiting. 

After a little rendevous at home for Eden’s nap time, we decided to do a quick stop at the Capitol to take some photos of the ever famous cherry blossoms. We did this for Josh’s birthday last year, so we figured we should probably do it again this year. As always, it was absolutely beautiful. 

Thank you random lady for totally rocking the camera…it was her first time using a dSLR and it was on MANUAL
Looking at that building makes me kinda sorta miss working there every day. And when I say kinda sorta I mean they are nice memories and boy was I ever lucky, BUT I am so very much happier and content at home. I am most certainly where I was meant to be.

Sunday morning we got up and let Eden open up her gifts. We are actually trying to shift the focus off of presents when it comes to Easter and Christmas so the gifts were small and useful. Eden was quite content with her new Easter book, sippy cup, and sidewalk chalk. She is easy to please. I can’t wait to start up more traditions next year to ensure that Easter has a bigger focus in our house. 

Despite being terribly sick, I made sure we could all be at church together. When I say terribly sick, I mean that I was the one who was sick…so for those of you who are worried that Eden exposed your kids, I promise..she was all better! Felt like I needed that disclaimer. Anyways…we had a wonderful church service, got to see many lovely and friendly faces, and then had an impromptu photo sesh with my twin, her husband, and Eden’s boyfriend. I love that Kirsten and I are pretty much the same person. It really is quite scary. Good news is she isn’t really blood related (well we haven’t been able to prove it yet) so it’s totally okay that we are forcing our children to marry one another. When they are 40, obviously.
Thank you Ashley for letting us use your photography skills for free for our totally random photo session in front of the very crowded church.

I’m choosing to be humble and post a photo where everyone looks good, but me. Um, cheesy smile much? 

The rest of Easter Sunday was spent at my parents house. Eden is always guaranteed a good time with her uncle and aunt’s…they treat that girl like the superstar that she is.

Obviously egg hunts are super exciting, as is the money that comes out of the eggs. Favorite moment? The fact that Eden ran around the yard shouting, “EGGIES!” the entire time she was hunting. My girl has some serious personality. Wonder where she gets that from…
We hope you all had a wonderful day of celebration! 
Shout out to the LADIES!
If you live in or near the Salem area, I wanted to let you know of a fun event that is happening tomorrow! Limeberry and Stella & Dot are partnering up for a Ladies Night Out event. Some of each purchase is going towards a fabulous ministry called the Women at the Well Grace House. We really want this to be a success and we think it is going to be F-U-N so we want you all there!
Where: Limeberry Frozen Yogurt
            525 Taggart Drive
            Salem, OR 97304
When: 6:30-8:30 p.m. (come anytime!)
Why: Because you will have fun and there is yogurt and jewelry involved. Most importantly? You are supporting a great organization!
Please don’t be shy…just come. And if we haven’t met yet, introduce yourself. I would love to meet readers in person. See you all there!

4 thoughts on “Easter…The 2012 Version

  1. Beautiful pics Mallory!! i really enjoy reading your blog!! 🙂 Eden is a doll!! I wish I would have known about last night sooner, otherwsie I would have come for sure!!

  2. Julie- How fun that Ivy got to go enjoy some Limeberry, I am so glad she loved it! :)Anna- That would have been so fun if you could have come!! And thank you for your sweet words! Xo,Mallory

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