A Hipsters Birthday Message

Today was this man’s 26th birthday!

Due to an unusually hectic week we didn’t get to celebrate with him nearly as much as we had hoped for, but thankfully we will get to see him for a bit tomorrow morning. I did, however, make a baked apple french toast for him this morning and was it ever delicious if I do say so myself. Yes, I am quite proud of that one. I’m sure I’ll be sharing the recipe at some point. 
Hubsters…you are extra special in my book. I mean, look at you, you always know how to strike a pose. You make a lot of jokes that you think are funny…one day you’ll get me to crack a smile, I’m sure of it. Your daddy skills are top notch. You are a pro cloth diaper changer. You take the dog outside to do her business in the middle of the night EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT. You find articles that relate to my crazy eating habits and then cheer us on (while secretly eating Panda Express) each day. You let me experiment all sorts of crazy homemade concoctions on you just to see what will make your skin extra soft and smooth (maybe you didn’t want that known to the public? Eh, too late). You love me each day even though my moods most often resemble a roller coaster. Yes, you are absolutely a keeper. 
Love you babe.

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