Project 52:15 | Resurrection

I love traditions. We are starting to step away from traditions that we did as children due to feeling like we wanted an even greater focus on the reason why we were celebrating. Jesus. We definitely continued doing egg hunts. Honestly it was so fun to see the pure joy Eden had from hunting for her “eggies.” I love seeing happiness radiate off of her little face. We chose to read the story of Christ’s death and resurrection from a wonderful book we found at a thrift store of all places. It has 13 pages filled with the story in a way a child can understand. We also loved the questions after each story to help the child reflect on what they just read. We actually did read those questions to Eden…obviously not expecting an answer…but for us to answer. I find it important to never limit her understanding. She may not be able to answer the question, but soon enough she will start to understand and then she will be the one answering the question some day. I love children’s ever growing brains. 
This was Eden’s second Easter and it was my second time of truly being able to feel the pain that God must have felt when sending His son to Earth knowing that He came here to sacrifice His life for us. I can’t imagine doing the same thing with Eden, and thankfully I don’t have to. The true love I have for Eden is something I have never experienced before. Can you imagine how God feels about us, His children? Amazing.
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