Lovely Ladies And Jewels

This post is over a week overdue. Whoops. So remember how I mentioned the Stella and Dot event that was happening at Limeberry last week? Well, it happened…and it was so fun! I really enjoyed getting to work with a longtime friend of mine, Jamie, with her new business venture. It was the first event I have been a part of at Limeberry so it was fun actually feeling like an owner for a day 😉 Yes, there are actually employees there that do not know who I am, it’s rather embarrassing. Anyway, the event went well…neither of us knew what to expect, but we got to meet a whole lot of new faces and that’s always a good thing. 

For those of you that were wanting to attend and were unable, but still wanted to support the Women at the Well Grace House you can click here and head to my trunk show where 15% of proceeds will go to their efforts. Seriously meeting the ladies who are a part of this great organization was inspiring. I love to give to people who are doing wonderful things in our community. It is great to see such love and devotion to the women of Salem. Oh and the pretty jewelry doesn’t hurt so head on over and check it out. I *THINK* you have a little less than a week to place your order. And your shipment comes FAST. So think about upcoming bithdays, Mother’s Day, or just a little something to spoil yourself with. We all know you deserve it. 

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