Project 52:17 | Steadfast

I’ve never really thought about this word before. I’ve seen it in the Bible, I have heard it in church, it’s in songs, but I never truly grasped what STEADFAST means to me. When I was looking through the photos I took, this one stood out. I am a lover of vintage…I love the charm that it holds. My house is 82 years old and you can see every bit of precious detail that went into it. That detail is something we just do not see much in newer homes and other things. 
I look at this bridge and despite the fact that it has grown worn with age, it just looks so strong. I have no idea how many years it has been there, but I can tell it’s been there for quite some time. Every little crack shows me that this bridge LOVES its job. It does not mind the years of abuse from constant traffic, in fact it thrives from it. 
I think about this in the way that God loves me. I am not always perfect and sometimes I forget to thank Him for the things He has done…sometimes I feel angry that something has happened to me and I let go of some of that anger on Him. Yet, God is always there. He loves me. He loved me when I didn’t love myself. He loved me when I was angry, heart broken, and riddled with despair. He will accept me with open arms the day that I go home. And that, my dear friends, is what STEADFAST really looks like. 
Thank you all for your patience with my Project 52 post from last week. It has been crazy. Between the sicknesses and the loss of internet I finally conceded and realized that sometimes it’s better to let something go. So, here I am, feeling a million times more like myself and with functioning internet! YAY! Hope you all had a more enjoyable week than we did over at the Crain household šŸ™‚
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