Project 52:19 | Discovery

Having a child gives you a whole new sense of the word “discovery.” Watching a child learn something new is such an exciting process. Josh and I daily are amazed at the things Eden learns. Every single day she says a new word or does something she hasn’t done before. We try so hard to let her learn about life at her own pace and in her own way. Sometimes her discovery might be messy, sometimes it means watching her struggle, but in the end she is the one pushing herself to try…to learn something new. 
It is so hard not to step in sometimes and help her as she fumbles with the puzzle piece. She is so very close to putting it in correctly, but it just won’t turn the exact way she needs it to. She lets out a frustrated sound, sometimes a tear falls from her eyes, but each time we try to stand back and see how she will solve the problem. Sometimes it just takes her another minute until the puzzle settles into it’s perfectly shaped hole. Sometimes, however, she looks to us with pleading eyes and says, “help me!” And so we do. We give her some prompting on how to fix the situation and then together we place that darn puzzle piece that has eluded it’s space for so long. We give a high five and put on a big smile. She is so proud. I love that.
So, go out and try something new. Instead of walking with your eyes downward, look up. You never know what you are going to discover. 

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