Project 52:21 | Self-Control

Josh and I are in the midst of a health and fitness challenge called “May Madness.” We have loved every minute of it…except the time where my whole family ate a giant mud pie while we sat and watched and the time that we went to a food show where we couldn’t taste test anything except a piece of fruit, tea, and greek yogurt. Seriously though it has been such a wonderful experience! I have kind of mentioned the fact that we have changed our eating habits quite a lot once before, but I still need to go into more detail. I have had a LOT of questions on the subject and I really want to be able to give you some information so you can decide if it is the right thing for you. Basically we have gone back to eating the way they would back in the good old prairie days. Think Laura Ingalls Wilder. Obviously we do still enjoy the modern conveniences of today, but we do also try to incorporate a lot of the old practices. We started with making a few changes and now are quite deep in the throws of it all…soaking, fermenting, raw milk…you name it, we are up to trying it. 
All this to say that we have really understood how important it is to take care of the one body God gave us. We feel so much more energized now that we are eating the way He intended for us to eat and are also spending a great deal of time being active. Not only have the changes to our body been significant, but watching Eden imitate our workout moves has made us so excited for her future. The girl loves her technology, so to see that she also loves to run and jump and play makes us believe that she will value an active and healthy lifestyle. Try making a change or two and see how it affects you and/or your family. We are quickly finding that piece of mud pie to really not be all that appealing anymore. 
I’ll be back with more regarding the changes we have made over the past 9 months!
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2 thoughts on “Project 52:21 | Self-Control

  1. Mahina…You totally can do it! In fact I was thinking the other day how many more great resources I would have if I still lived in L.A. True, the farms aren't there, but you have some great stores and farmers markets! It may take some research, but I promise it's doable!

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