You Make Me Sing

As you heard me all say, last week was our anniversary. Due to the nature of our non-existent income and budget we were struggling with how to make our 5 year anniversary special. We knew we needed it. It had been 2 years since we had been away together and after everything that has happened in those 2 years, we both knew it was vital. I can get caught up in frugality, which I don’t think is always a bad thing, but it keeps us from doing a lot of things that we probably should. I so don’t want to spend money right now, so I had to look at it as investing in our marriage and our family. Eden (and any future children) need to see that their parents cherish each other. That they take time to love one another. We LOVE Eden and have a VERY hard time being away from her, but we both agreed that it was the right thing to do. So, my parents very willingly took her overnight and I took a giant inhale and pretended like I didn’t know that we had no money to be spending. I let Josh handle it. It was so so so hard because I like to control our spending, but he kept reminding me it was taken care of.

I can easily say that was the best investment I have ever made.
I am telling all of you right now…if you are married…and ESPECIALLY if you have children…please try to take some time to go somewhere and be rejuvenated with your spouse. I had no idea how much we needed that until we were gone. Wow. It felt like I lost 20 pounds of stresses and worries and life as soon as we headed out of Salem. 
Do it.
Anyway, we headed up to Portland for a night away. This is a tradition for us…well was, until Eden came along. Neither of us remember what we did last year, but we know we happily stayed with Eden and I am sure had lots of fun. I think what worked best for us was that Josh and I planned it together. I have a tendency to sort of completely take over any planning and become a control freak. Then I get sad because “I ALWAYS plan everything and you are NEVER romantic.” Whoa. I kind of forget that A) I am the reason why Josh can’t plan anything and B) I promised to never say never or always. In the words of Eden, “uuupsies!” So, Josh, being the perfect match for me, wrote down an itinerary. This was to ensure that everything I was dreaming of doing would be fit into our short little weekend, but that we could leave room for little surprises too. And you know what? It was perfect. We missed out on our trip to Powell’s, but other than that everything happened as it should. 
1. Nothing. 2. Friday trip to Five Guys. 3. Idaho Potatoes. 4. “May the odds be ever in your favor.” 5. The world’s largest straw (or the world’s smallest cup?). 6. Dress shopping for me, but couldn’t resist a little something for the mini-me. 7. The view from The Paramount. 8. Sweet note  and gift from the hotel. 9. Jetted tub. ‘Nuff said.

1. Certainly not my taste in bedding. 2. Us. 3. Get a room. 4. Hunger+desperation=first trip to Jimmy John’s. 5. Best deli EVER. 6. Sweet dreams Portland. 7. I need a bigger mirror, I didn’t realize my hair was THAT LONG. 8. Sunday devotions @ Sisters Coffee Co. 9. I need to live in the Pearl.

1. Breakfast in bed (barf-o-rama food). 2. Vintage treasures. Love. 3. Art installation @ Anthro. 4. We found Eden in the city. 5. I could live there, but then I would be cheating on Limeberry. 6. Further proof that I could live there. 7. Did I mention that I am in love with their ice cream? 8. Old Town Pizza. Inhaled. 9. Old Married Couple. 
Other little tidbits.
  • Finding myself constantly saying “it’s too quiet” from lack of toddler screams
  • 7:30 a.m. wake-up call (excuse me…the ONE thing I wanted was to SLEEP IN hotel people!)
  • Sipping on sparkling apple juice and wine
  • Realizing I am NOT a downtown Portland kind of girl. I was out of my element.
  • Please transport me to the country. I need me some space. 
  • In awe at how quiet the downtown streets are Sunday morning
  • A room with a Nordstrom view. Perfect.
  • Using candle ‘apps’ on our phones
  • Falling over at the 16.99 price tag on a hotel movie rental (for reals?!)
  • Someone thinking lived in the Pearl District. Don’t mind if I do.
  • Walking into a GIANT corner room with a jetted tub. Fabulous.
I’m sure it’s only slightly obvious that I enjoyed my weekend. We wished we could just pick up Eden and bring her with us. Too bad reality set in and now I’m feeling like a single mom as the hubs slaves away.
**I also wanted to thank you all for your messages about my last post. It’s encouraging to know how many of you desire to have an awesome relationship with your husband. I know no one wants to have a hard marriage. The one thing Josh and I learned this weekend after reading an incredible book, “Growing a Spiritual Family,” was how important prayer is in your marriage. If you are a believer, please let go of your insecurities and pray each day with your spouse. Josh and I would pray together on occasion, but never made it a habit. It’s already made a world of difference now that we are striving to pray together each day. It can be intimidating for many (praying in front of people is a huge struggle of mine), but let go of those insecurities. Make prayer a conversation. Don’t worry about it being “perfect.” And one last thing. Know that you aren’t alone. 

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