Project 52:24 | Fatherhood

Oh sorry. I kind of failed at getting this Project 52 up on time. I feel like life is just extremely overwhelming right now. In fact, I was thankful when Josh took the car away so I couldn’t go on all of the errands I planned on running, because honestly, I NEEDED to be at home taking care of things. I am really working on saying ‘no’ and learning when I am overloading myself…but  for some reason my schedule keeps getting more hectic. Lame.
Well, as we all know yesterday was Father’s Day. It may be a holiday for greeting card companies, but I am all for celebrating the daddies of this world. Plus I made my own card…so TAKE THAT card companies. Although Eden and I try to do something special for daddy every day because we love him, it’s nice to have an excuse to spoil him just a bit more than usual. Sunday morning I made him cream cheese pancakes. Someone needs to stage an intervention, we are obsessed. There was also some homemade yogurt with berries there too. Then he was off to church early because he was handling the media for the morning. 
After church we came home and relaxed. We gave daddy his present, which was a tool box full of BBQ tools. I am so thankful for a husband who LOVES to BBQ. Whenever he starts it up, he then begs me to find anything and everything to throw on there. The boy would BBQ chocolate if he could. 
Then it was off to Claim Jumper with my parents where we met up with my brother and sister-in-law. I tried to get pictures of them playing with Eden (they are the world’s best babysitters whenever we are out), but the lighting in there was terrible and it just didn’t look great. 
Obviously I had to have a photo shoot with the men of the hour. 


And because I think this one is hilarious…I am including a (very terrible) photo of Eden. She is yelling “glassies!” at me. The girl loves to put sunglasses on everyone. This includes poor innocent cousin babies who come over to play. Sorry Hayley! 
What a great day full of family and fun we had. Too bad we can’t have ALL our family in one place ever. It just never works out that way. We missed you Dad #2 (or #1). 
Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

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