First Birthday Carnival Invitation

Well, despite the fact that I STILL have a sweet little Minnie Mouse birthday party invite that I did forever and a day ago, I am going to share Beckett’s invite. I would like to say it’s because my twin is harassing me or something, but truly it’s because I misplaced my photo files of the invites, so you are stuck looking at my favorite invite to date. I know, how terrible of me.

Now this definitely needs a disclaimer. No matter what the twin says, she did a lot of the work on these. She would like to make you all think I did the majority of the work, but she is wrong. I wish I could take all the credit, because I would be pretty darn proud of my work. I will say that after having her show me ideas of invitations that she liked for Beckett’s first birthday party, this is the design I came up with. So, technically they were her ideas, and then I would tweak them to my liking (because I am the only one that matters right…ha…totally kidding…seriously). 
If you are new here or read this blog all the time and had no idea that I had a twin. Well, I don’t. Although we still think we may be separated at birth. I’m sure I have introduced her here a time or two (she and I really need to get better at getting photos taken together!). Quick story…we met at Nordstrom. She worked in Kid’s Shoes and I worked in Kid’s Wear. Surprisingly it wasn’t love at first sight or anything. We became friends after people kept getting us mixed up. We were given the names Mary-Kate and Ashley (yes, after the most gorgeous twins out there). We started chatting and found out we were born in the same hospital in L.A. WHAT?! I knew I was adopted. After some years we have become great friends with two children who love each other. It’s awesome. The end.
So, want to see what happens when twins design an invite. 
Okay, just kidding. Here it is. Hopefully I haven’t talked it up too much. And hopefully all of you realize I don’t find myself to be particularly talented, I just like to brag about the twin’s amazing talent. 
Cute right?! I loved her idea to incorporate the bunting. 
Also, I am starting to have a little too much fun while staging photo shoots. Exhibit A.
Why, yes…that is a lion with a mustache. 
I hope you all loved this one. Each time I make an invitation I start to realize how much I love it. I would have never thought I would say that. I have absolutely zero background in design and have no idea what I am doing (and don’t you dare say you noticed). Obviously I am not as talented as SOME of my friends, and I don’t dare try to live up to certain standards (MEGAN WARD), but I am glad I can have fun pretending. 
Next up…the amazing party Kirsten threw for Beckett’s first birthday. You guys. I am not even kidding. She is beyond talented. She doesn’t know it, but while I was at it I snapped a few photos of his room (I’m so creepy like that). One of these days I am going to crash her door down and do a full photo shoot of her amazing house. Don’t worry, I’ll repair the door.
**Some blogging business. I have been feeling like I need to take down the comments. I started this blog for fun…for Josh and I…for a way to document our lives. I am so thankful to everyone who reads and don’t want you all to leave, but I am finding that I am so worried about the amount of comments I don’t get that I am losing focus on the fun part. Then, I start realizing that I am blogging to get recognition, and that is absolutely not what I want. I love sharing our lives for our own purposes, but also to show you that we aren’t perfect and we are just trying to have fun. To show you that even klutzy and non-creative people can pretend like they know how to craft. To show you that I like food. A lot. And that I cook and have no idea what I am doing. I want this blog to be uplifting. The funny thing is, while some posts may not receive comments here, they have all brought about conversations. I love that when I run into people (ouch!) around town (or even sometimes when we are out of town) that you have something to share with me. I love that you are being inspired. I can’t take credit for that. I try to always remember to pray when I am writing, to ensure that I am always doing something for His glory. It doesn’t always happen, but I’m trying.
Anyway…the comments are going away. For a day…a week..forever…I don’t know. I don’t want that to mean you don’t talk to me if you have a question or something to say. PLEASE DO! I’m always available in all the avenues you always talk to me in. And I will always have my email address available. I love connecting with all of you, so please don’t think that has changed. I love you all! 
Contact me at thecrainsnest[at]gmail[dot]com

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