21 Months

There she is folks. Twenty-one months. The girls acts like she’s going on three. So much happened over this past month with her in terms of “growing up.” We transitioned her into a “big girl” bed. Technically it was her crib and turned it into a toddler bed. Oh what a transition that was. She had been climbing in and out of her crib, so even though we hadn’t planned on her being wild and free so soon, we had to change those plans. We figured safety is greater than sleep. How did she do? Well…there were definitely no naps at all that week. No matter what we did. She did better at going down for the night, but that still required some begging and pleading until she just grew too tired and crashed. Thankfully she is doing so much better now. She still doesn’t like to go to sleep by herself (really can you blame her?). I lay down with her at naptime until she is either on the verge of sleep, or is asleep. Technically I stay with her until she is asleep because I always fall asleep as well. Whoops. At night I will lay down with her, or Josh will rock her, or sometimes she just goes to bed on her own. We take it day by day around here. 
Other than that, she has just been learning non-stop. She keeps amazing us with how much she learns each day. I had no idea that her memory was as good as it was until she started repeating things we had talked about the day before. She also doesn’t miss a thing. She hears every word and sees every action. Thankfully we are pretty  careful with what we say and do and yet we still feel like there are so many things we didn’t even realize we said until she repeats it. Another whoops. 
Things You Love

Being outside
Building towers
Giving hugs
Eebee (a show on Netflix that you are OBSESSED with)
Being a tickle monster
Goodnight Moon
Almonds, “Cackas” (crackers), “Pufths” (Puffed Rice), “CHEEEEESE,”  “Nokey” (milk)
Your friends and cousins
Saying your “ABC’s” 

Things You Don’t Love
Getting the knots combed out of your curls
Wearing anything in your hair
When things don’t go your way
Oh, Eden…we love you so much. Each month is a new adventure with you. You are one loving, hilarious, adorable little girl. You make friends everywhere we go. I love that you are your own little person. I see you being an independent girl who always does her own thing, no matter what others think. I never thought I would say this as a mom, but I admire you. You are an amazing girl and daughter. I love you my little bug.

I wish I had captured all of her legs in this one. It looks like she is totally rocking a kickboxing move.

I love her wild hair.

Time to start planning your 2 year birthday party…


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