Project 52:27 | inDEPENDENCE

What if we were to always be dependent upon God? What would it feel like to let go of that constant desire to be independent in all aspects of our lives, and embrace the fact that we can have a complete dependence on our Father. Choosing to love His constant presence and embracing it. Our very nature pushes us to be strong, in control, and not reliant on anyone, but God didn’t design for His relationship with His children to be that way. When we are in full dependence on Him, that is when His blessings show through. 
As our family has gone through a lot of trials within this past year one thing I have become more aware of is my complete need for God. I accepted Christ into my heart at four years old. I have loved Him every day since. However, it wasn’t until recently where I began to actually let Him in. I would say, “I believe,” BUT I refused to be reliant on anyone. My relationship with Him could not grow the way it was intended. He desires for us to need Him. Friends, I encourage you today…pray to let go of control…let God in! You will feel more free than you ever have before. 
And a side note…is this not the most precious photo ever?! The love those two have for each other melts my heart into a puddle every day. I am so thankful for the connection those two have. 
*I’m dealing with a very stubborn computer right now so :fingers crossed: I’ll have some photos of our 4th to show you. 

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