Fun Filled Fourth

Once again we had a fun and relaxing day celebrating America’s independence. While Josh worked, Eden and I met up with Kirsten and Beckett for a little Wednesday Market action (a smaller version of our Saturday farmers market). I took some photos of those goodies that I will post once I edit them. After a nap we did a quick photo shoot and then it was off to celebrate with friends. We set off a few smaller fireworks and then enjoyed all the illegal shows around us. Yeah, we are rebels like that. Oh and I realized that my dream for wherever we settle down and have our future farmhouse is that it must have cute little small town parades. I never realized how important this was to me until this year. It is going to happen. 

On this next one Eden said, “SEE?! PITS!” She is so Josh’s child.



The girls (minus Cayden who I think was sleeping while the girls made a giant mess of water)

Ignore the quality…but seriously this girl LOVED the fireworks. I think a real show is in order next year.
I hope all of you who lives in the States enjoyed your 4th!

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