All About Pink Baby Shower

My friend Charissa and I threw a baby shower for our longtime friend, Alicia, who is due to have her first baby (a girl!) at the end of this month! It was so much fun doing this for her. You’ll see that we tried to cater to Alicia’s belief in “simplicity” and her love for all things pink when it comes to little girls. We also threw in all of the foods she has been loving these days. You’ll notice we did headbands for the “creative activity.” I seriously felt like a crafts leader. I should not ever be in that role…I am not well suited for serious crating. Thanks to all you ladies for humoring me though! 





Have I mentioned that there is a baby explosion right now? Honestly I have helped out with 4 baby showers in the last 2 months and have been to even more. The babies are taking over. I can’t say that I mind..I LOVE babies. So, thanks to all of my friends for having lots of them. 

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