Project 52:28 | Strength

Isn’t God’s creation amazing? During a recent trip to the zoo, we got to experience His creation in another way. We don’t see bears, tigers, and elephants on a daily basis, so it is such a great moment when you can observe the animals, see the muscles ripple under their skin. I sat there watching thinking about how even though it feels like we are almost able to reach out and touch them, there is a very heavy layer of protection between us and the animals. These animals are strong. I thought about how most times I feel weak. I feel like I do not have what it takes to conquer another roller coaster in my life. And yet, God always lifts me up. He is able to show His power in our weakness. Every time I think I cannot take one more step, He is there. I am so thankful for that kind of protection, that kind of comfort, that kind of love. 
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