It’s A Zoo Out There!

We took a random trip to the zoo one day. It was the best decision we have ever made. At the Oregon Zoo admission is $4 on the second Tuesday of the month and we couldn’t turn that down. We had an inkling that Eden would enjoy the zoo more than when she was younger (she loved it, but she was MUCH younger), but we had no idea that she would absolutely LOVE it. It was such a fun day…despite the fact that it ended up being cloudy and cold for a good portion of the morning, but it turned out great. Turns out Eden’s favorite animals are farm animals. Yep, we could probably just go to a farm and Eden wouldn’t know any different. Other animals she gravitated towards? Monkeys, birds, and the alligator. Such a funny girl she is. 

Sidenote…Eden’s dress is from Africa and every time I look at it my heart starts to burst thinking about the children over there. It’s funny how God brings little moments into over lives that just impact us so much. We still feel so confident that we are called to adopt and I believe our children will be with us soon. We made one *EXCITING* step towards adoption that I’ll have to fill you in on later! I can’t wait to see where God takes our family over the next few years…

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