Project 52:29 | Comfort

Is that not the sweetest thing ever? I love that Eden is at an age where she knows her friends names and can play with them. She worries about them when they are sad, she follows what they do. I pray that she is blessed with friendships that lift her up. 
I am thankful for the many friendships I have had over the years. Each one has meant something different to me. Some ended over time. Some ended up not really being much of a friend. And yet some are still around. They lift me up when I am down, they encourage me, they laugh with me. I treasure you, my friends. Thank you. 
Time to head to the rehearsal of one of my good friends weddings. One who has been there for me when I wasn’t much of a friend to her. One who keeps me from being too serious. Someone who pushed me to understand God’s unconditional love. Pictures to come of her beautiful day I am sure!
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Let me know if you want to join in on the fun! It’s never too late to start your Project 52 🙂 


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