Did She Say Free?!

So I’m still blogging from my phone and still don’t have my photos (dear husband please please hurry up and get my photos off my dead laptop!). Thankfully I have an iPhone so I can sneak photos on here every once in awhile.

Now to the meat of this post. You all know I’m a certified (health) nut. I mentioned how we did a health and fitness challenge a few months ago and wow did it ever change us. I love nutrition and any health related topic so I didn’t think I would learn much. Oh silly me, when it comes to health there is always more to learn. After “RESETTING” our way of thinking we realized we weren’t just doing a diet, we were doing a lifestyle change. I would say our biggest success was our change in energy levels…I’ve spent my entire life tired. Literally. For once I felt like I could conquer the world!

Basically it changed our world.

Now here is the fun part. There is a free health seminar this Thursday at 7 pm at Bethany Baptist Church (sorry for those of you that aren’t local but we are willing to travel so make your requests!). Trust me, you will be motivated.

You will also learn about the month long health and fitness challenge that we participated in awhile back. There are prizes and it’s very awesome.

So whether you want to lose weight, or want to challenge yourself nutritionally or physically (that’s what my goal was and I wasn’t disappointed) come check out the seminar. The month is hard (it’s called a challenge for goodness sakes) but I promise you it’s all worth it. I know a lot of people who would agree. Let me know if you would like more info! Email: thecrainsnest at gmail dot com.


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