Eden: 2 Years

Eden, please forgive me for posting your birthday post almost 2 months late. Better late than never….right?!
You, my dear child, are quite the amazing daughter. We love your personality. One moment you are quietly observing everyone and everything and the next you are dancing and singing loudly and saying a million sentences at once. You can look like the most stoic child ever and yet you rock the facial expressions. You have so many manners for a 2 year old and we are so proud of you for that. You are great at expressing your emotions and have started to let us know when you are sad, scared, mad, happy, etc. You are also the girliest tomboy we know. You will hold a purse on one arm while simultaneously jumping in every mud puddle you can find. You dislike dirty fingers, but will happily dig in rock piles at any given time. And so much for girls not getting hurt as much. You get hurt on a daily basis. Not for lack of us trying to keep you safe…you just really like to climb and explore.
You keep us guessing, that’s for sure. 
On the day of your birthday we wanted to do something special for you. You had a family party coming up that weekend, but we couldn’t miss out on celebrating our firstborn on her actual birthday. We took you down to Riverfront Park and let you ride the carousel until both mommy and daddy were sick. You got to run around in the grass and then we took a walk to a fun alleyway to take some photos of your sweet face. Then, daddy surprised you with a trip to Dutch Bros. for your very own “coffee.” We spent the rest of the day just doing whatever you wanted. I think that’s how we will always spend birthdays…it was so fun and so relaxing. 
Eden Rae, these last two years with you have been fun, challenging, and the greatest years of our lives. We cannot wait to see what your third year holds as you get ready to become a big sister. We know you’ll rock that role for sure. Love you big girl!


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