Going Back In Time

Yep, I am still alive. Sort of. I miss blogging…I even think about it a lot…it’s just the actual blogging part that gets me. I love to write, but I think the editing photos part is what drives me bonkers. It is just so time consuming and I don’t have the patience for it. Lame of me I know. So, today you get a post of all sorts of stuff. Like Halloween which I still haven’t posted…and Thanksgiving…and a few rants I am sure.

*I have seriously worked on this post 4 times and guess how many times I have had to redo it? Ummm…FOUR. I add photos, save my work, plan to come back to publish and then everything, but the words are gone?! I’m about to say that Halloween and Thanksgiving never happened, except I want the documentation for our family. Super frustrating.

Halloween this year ended up being more fun than I thought it would be. The 31st of October happens to be one of my least favorite days of the year (daylight savings days always trump it). I dislike dressing up, I don’t eat candy, and I think the skulls and spooky stuff is just plain annoying. So…I usually avoid it. However, this year after much deliberation we decided we would still do Halloween, but in a way that fit our family. So, here’s our little Tinkerbell.

Her costume was soooo inexpensive. I made her tutu (I have a tutu making obsession…they are SO easy). I used ribbon and ivory tulle I already had and then grabbed some green glitter tulle at WalMart for cheap. We used a shirt she had from a hand me down. The wings and the wand were both from the Dollar Tree. I think I spent $5 at most.

Despite that I am a bit of a Halloween Scrooge, watching Eden’s face light up every time she ran up to a door to yell Trick-or-Treat made me melt. That’s when Josh and I looked at each other and said it definitely was the right decision to take her out this year. So fun. For those of you wondering how we handled the overload of candy, here’s what worked for us. After we were done visiting houses we headed over to a local health food store (Lifesource) and let her “choose” some candy. Now I use the term choose loosely since technically I found the ones that were the least processed, no added junk, etc. and then put those in front of her and let her choose from there. I like to give her independence while still making sure her choices are good for her. It worked great! Now, I don’t think this will always work and we will change our plans accordingly as she grows, but for now this is what we are doing. Oh and I should mention one more thing so I can remember this…Eden was all about carving the pumpkins this year. She stuck her hands right in the guts and pulled them out. This was huge since before she was super sensitive about textures, but she’s coming around and is totally my child! So proud that she loves pulling out the guts as much as I do…

So, after Halloween comes Thanksgiving! I’m just rushing through these holidays. Don’t worry, I’ll save Christmas for another post (hopefully not two months later). Thanksgiving was celebrated in Washington with Josh’s side of the family this year. We typically rotate for Thanksgiving and Easter, but since we will just be getting out of the hospital with a newborn for Easter, we decided to do Thanksgiving up there again this year. We had lots of fun celebrating in the in-laws new house. It’s soooo big and so comfortable, we love visiting! My mother-in-law and sister-in-law totally rocked at decorating this year and the food was definitely delicious.

2.5 hour drive turned 5 hours equals necessary stop at Burgerville // cousin craft time // pretty tablesetting // cousin love
These last two months have been fun, but such a whirlwind. I honestly cannot believe that our little man is going to be here in less than three months. We are SO excited to meet him, but I can’t help but feel anxious that it seems to be coming so fast. I need to stop time so I can catch up! We haven’t even been able to start on the kids room. Currently I am trying to figure out how much I really want to do. I promised myself that no matter where we lived I would do my best to make it feel like home, but I’m sort of dragging my feet…I mean, moving again is inevitable, so I just keep talking myself out of doing much. Thankfully that funk only lasts a day and then I am back to making our space feel a little more like home. Now on to reminiscing about Christmas!


One thought on “Going Back In Time

  1. So fun to hear from you guys šŸ™‚ I understand the blogging back-off though: with one child it was awesome. A new baby and I barely made time for it. Two children running wild, babysitting, cooking for our special diet, and just plain life… and everyone's lucky if I post a photo to Facebook! I hope all is well with you and yours!

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