Rock The Bump

So, it’s time for me to give up on ever seeing my photos from my old computer again (sorry 5 week photo) and move on. I mean seriously…the baby will be here in just over 2 months and I haven’t posted any bump photos. I’ve been documenting this pregnancy, just haven’t put them out for the rest of the world.

This pregnancy we decided to do a photo every 5 weeks. Sadly, I missed week 25, but instead of throwing a fit, we just documented week 28. No harm done. For Eden I did updates for almost every doctor appointment, but now I feel like there’s not much to say. Israel is growing the way he should and this pregnancy has been relatively easy for me. I am okay with that. 
Last Friday we had an appointment with our doctor. The appointment where you get poked and prodded like crazy…you know the one. Peeing in a cup (my new doctor doesn’t make you do them until week 28! Love that), glucose test (more on that later), Rhogam shot (for those of us who are RH-), blood work, and then a culture of an infection I have had for a month and a half. I felt violated. Other than that, so far everything looks great!
I really want to do a post on having a natural pregnancy. I am very passionate about it and have been able to reap the benefits of a much easier pregnancy which I think is due to the choices I made before getting pregnant and during pregnancy. One of those choices happens to be my rejection of the glucose drink. Yep, I said no to the chemical filled sugary substance we all know and love :::insert sarcasm::: I’ll explain why I chose to reject it and what I did instead when I write more about having a natural pregnancy…because let’s face it..there’s a whole lot of babies coming into the world lately. 
Now time to show off my ever growing giganticness. Don’t worry, I’m totally cool with it. I like that he is growing big and strong in there. Even if it hurts. A lot. The days of peeing every 10 minutes is upon me. 
And..I just realized that more of my photos were on my old computer. FAIL. Deep frustration happening over here. I’ll just have to add those later on I suppose. And wow, what a difference 8 weeks made for that boy. No wonder I am uncomfortable and can’t reach my feet. Maybe I should mention that I’m too cheap to buy maternity pants so I squeeze myself into unbuttoned and unzipped jeans and want to cry by the end of the day? Yep. Even if I would spend the money, they just don’t make my size. Such is the life of a small person I suppose. And whoa. The hair. Someone find me some scissors and chop it off. I mentioned heading to Great Clips the other day, but I hear their prices aren’t that great. Um….seriously?! Josh may be cutting my mangy hair off. 
Let me not forget the most important thing. Our c-section was officially scheduled! I’m so not celebrating the c-section, but it is fun to know that officially, on March 21, unless he decides to come sooner, Israel will be in our arms! Yes, this overwhelms me. Most everything does. I’ve had a few people ask why we are doing a c-section. Here’s a brief overview. I delivered Eden, she came out fine, and then I passed out. Didn’t really happen like that, but you can read Part 1 and Part 2 of our birth story to understand what happened (if you are squeamish about blood maybe don’t read it…just know it was bad). Anyway, after not being told anything by the doctors at the clinic I had been at, doing my own research, and meeting with a new doctor…I figured out that what happened to me was NOT OKAY and was pretty much caused by doctor error. By pretty much, I mean it was. However, without proof (none of this was written in my file after delivery) we don’t know for sure what happened. This causes me to be a high risk. So, my dreams of delivering with a midwife and birthing completely naturally were shot. After three talks with my new doctor we all agreed that for me, the safest way to deliver this baby was through a c-section. I know the controversies, I agree they are overused, but I am staying confident in my doctor’s wisdom. This will be our last pregnancy (unless God works some miracles) so we are praying that everything will go smoothly. I actually have a plan to make this feel a bit more natural despite the fact that it’s a surgery. I am presenting it to my doctor at my next appointment and praying that she and the hospital will be receptive to it. We will see.
Anyway, that’s enough blabbing about my little boy. Hope you enjoyed seeing a large belly on your screen 😉

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