The Big Three Zero

I decided my favorite thing about being pregnant is the nesting. Wow, do I ever get a lot accomplished during this nesting phase. It’s my favorite. I have organized every corner of every room we have (which is only 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, and a living room), but I am excited. I get rid of everything and I clean everything and it feels amazing. I hear adopting mama’s nest today and I sure hope that’s true because my best work happens when babies are coming…otherwise our house will be perpetually messy after Israel is born (yeah that is going to happen no matter what I do). 
The bad news in pregnancy? My hormones are off the wall insane. I don’t feel like myself. I find myself totally losing my cool over the craziest little things. Granted, there is a lot of stress in our lives at the moment, but seriously I do not like the way I am acting. I am getting up every morning and spending some time in God’s word to try to help shape my attitude for the day. The fact that my crazy nesting keeps me awake until ridiculous hours of the night probably isn’t helping me at all. I am overwhelmed, but that is no excuse for attacking my loved ones so much these last couple of weeks. 
I just want Israel to be here.
32 weeks pregnant means 7 weeks or less until this baby arrives. Yes, I am very late in posting this 30 week update, but you expected that right? Crazy that I’ll only be posting 2 more updates I would guess before the little stud makes his debut. I’m starting to really think he will here sooner than the scheduled c-section date. I mean, does anyone seriously believe that I will walk in at a perfectly scheduled time and have this baby right when I expect to? If you know me you know NOTHING happens according to my perfectly planned schedule. Despite my best efforts. The good news is I am neurotic and have had the infant car seat cleaned and ready to install for weeks (yes I kept myself from installing it), his bassinet and crib are ready, the hospital bags MIGHT already have some items in it, his clothes are cleaned and put away..I mean seriously, he could come today (please don’t buddy…it’s not safe) and we would be more than ready. Okay, obviously I still have a giant list of things I would love to do, but hey, a baby trumps the perfect organized house any day. 
Oh, and Saturday was my baby shower! It was so beyond perfect. Can’t wait to share more details! 

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