35 Weeks | Almost Done!

I just cannot believe we are at exactly one month until our C-section date. I also cannot believe that technically he can be here ANY DAY. I go back and forth on being ready, but for now I feel very ready for him to come. Although tomorrow I might get nervous again about the reality of it all.
I lost my nesting drive last week and it drove me crazy. I had ZERO energy. May have also had something to do with my low iron levels. I’m back to my normal insane nesting self and I feel so much more normal. We needed to get a lot accomplished…not much that was baby related necessarily, but trying to get the rest of our boxes purged, sorted, and re-packed. I know packing with a newborn won’t be fun, so we are trying to be ahead of the game for whenever that day comes. I am loving clearing out all of our stuff. It has been so refreshing and I think will help me stay relaxed a little more with two kids. Currently our lives are a BIT on the crazy side (that’s an extreme exaggeration) so any sort of calm during the chaos is welcomed with open arms. 
Eden is getting so excited about her baby brother. Whenever I doubt that she fully understands, she ends up amazing us with her comprehension. She practices putting brother to sleep in his bouncer (she also practices putting herself to sleep in there…). One unfortunate event is the amount of times we find her sneaking into Israel’s crib. The girl is going to smother that baby. She is a sneaky one. 
Either way, we are ready. And even if we weren’t, we better be. I had braxton hicks contractions with Eden, but what I am experiencing with him is something completely different. These hurt. Like, stop and breath through them painful. I get them at all sorts of times, but a lot when I am walking and a lot in the middle of the night. It’s okay, sleep is non-existent anyway. I have to pee every five minutes. It is obnoxious. Good thing I am someone who works just fine without sleep. The only complaints I have right now are mostly just dealing with my back…and wearing clothes. My back is in pain non-stop and clothes just exaggerate the pain. Otherwise, this pregnancy has been so much better than I expected and I am so thankful for a mostly drama free last pregnancy. 
Hopefully I’ll get to update one more time before the little man makes his debut!

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