This Girl

It is hard to believe that in 15 days (or less) we are going from one child to two. I probably should be reflecting on this more, but honestly I think it is all going to work out some way or another. Eden is so excited to be a big sister. She talks about Israel all the time. She loves helping set up stuff for him, put away his clothes, and all the other cute ways she can help. So, since she is soon going to be sharing this house with another sibling, I figured it would be fun to do one last post about our big girl. She has been so into me taking her photo lately (LOVE THIS!) so I was even able to include some semi-recent photos of the girl. 

Eden Rae,

You are about to become a big sister! I know we have been talking about it for a very long 9 months, but soon he won’t just be in my tummy. I want you to know that you are, and will always be, very special to us. You are our firstborn baby girl. Now, you get to have the responsibility of being a sister. I know you are going to love it! You have such a caring soul and I am pretty sure you are going to just transform into mini-mommy mode right away. I am going to miss you so much while we are in the hospital, but we are going to be so excited to come home to you! You have grown up so fast. You are all potty-trained now! HOORAY! In fact you potty-trained the day after Christmas and after only a week you were potty trained during the day AND night. We are so proud of you. You are starting to eat more food, which is a welcome sight around here! Jumping is probably your favorite activity. On a bed, on the ground, on a table…it doesn’t matter, you just want to jump. Daddy and I were also talking about how amazing you are with changes. We do our best to prep you before changing anything major in your life, but you have been so great at adapting to all of the changes that have happened in our family lately. You are sweet, strong, independent, loving, and very aware of other’s feelings. When someone is sad, you are quick to give hugs. You are a fantastic little girl and daddy and I are so thankful that God blessed us with you 2.5 years ago! 

Mommy and Daddy


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