Israel’s Baby Shower

And once again, I am so blessed by my friends and family. I was most certainly not expecting a baby shower for the second baby, let alone such a large one, but wow am I so thankful! It was a perfect event pulled off perfectly by two very important people in my life, Ruby and Kirsten. They did a fantastic job making it the perfect day that fit my personality exactly. I actually knew nothing about the shower. The only thing I asked of the girls was that they make it as stress free on themselves as possible. I don’t think they listened, but hey, I tried. Either way, I had so much fun and have so many great memories from that day. I didn’t get many photos..and definitely not any good quality ones. I tried to snap as many as possible, but in the end, decided having conversations with all those I treasure was much more important. So, sorry for the quality, but you’ll get the idea. 

I’ll have to post photos of the blocks once I get them. This was such a cute activity! I’m not a girl who likes games, so this was perfectly perfect. Each guest made a block and they all turned out so cute and unique. Seriously, I can’t wait to get a closer look of them!

And um hi, that view?! I would never grow tired of that view. I take photos each time I visit this location…I cannot get enough.

Ruby. Me. Kirsten. Love those two more than they will probably ever realize. So thankful for their friendship and the fact that I am able to be so real with them. Seriously, they haven’t given up on me yet despite the fact that they get to experience just how crazy I really am. 

Despite the shower being right in the middle of Eden’s nap time, I couldn’t imagine her not being there. She had so much fun, despite the few meltdowns at the end.

Eden LOVES her Uncle Brett. As you can tell, she has a whole lot of fun with him. This was the most serious photo we could get of the three of us. The dirty knee is an indicator of just how much fun she had…

First pair of Jordan’s, lovingly given by Uncle Brett and Aunt Stephanie. Perks of Nike employees. I can’t wait to put these on Israel’s little feet.

I have extremely talented friends. If you want the CUTEST baby things ever check out East&El. Ashley is amazing. 
Oh and best surprise of all? Our stroller! A bunch of friends and family went in on our double stroller and ended up also gifting us with the carseat attachment AND the rocker for our bassinet. Blessed. That’s what I am. Don’t worry, I’ll post photos of the stroller as soon as we can take our little man out for some strolls! We did take Eden on a test drive, and yep…we are in love. The bassinet stand is happily sitting next to our bed, waiting to be occupied by a teeny tiny baby. Hurry it up little man! 

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