I wanted to share a quick something with you all today. Something that doesn’t cost money, but does require a tiny bit of effort. Something I think is worth it. Let me give you a back story (don’t I always feel the need to do this?!). 

Pregnancy is not my best time. I know I am so beyond blessed to have carried two babies. Trust me, I realize the blessing that is when so many people are unable to do the same. My heart aches for you, really it does. I do my best to not be the typical complaining pregnancy lady. I find complaining to be quite ugly really. Although, this pregnancy has been much more painful so I did start to feel a little more compassion to those that whine about all of those aches and pains…I actually really got it this time. The worst part of pregnancy for me is the hormones. My attitude is quite lame honestly. And my patience? Non-existent. This bothers me a ton and takes a lot of prayer to try to get past it. Then there is the whole…I’m already a control freak who obsesses over cleanliness and then gets nesting thrown on top of that and well, I am certifiably crazy. 
Guess who bears the brunt of my crazies? The husband. My best friend. The father of my babies. 
This hurts me and I know it hurts him…although the rockstar that he is, he doesn’t even say a word and just keeps helping me through it all. Thanks babe! 
So I was reading somewhere one day (probably a blog because that’s where I get a lot of inspiration these days) and I saw the suggestion to stop complaining and nagging your husband over all the little things that make you frustrated and just do it. 
Enter the shower curtain. 
I am not OCD, but I do consider myself borderline sometimes. Little things will make me crazy. The way the soap dispenser is facing, toilet paper must always be refilled and obviously the toilet paper goes over and not under, pillows get put a certain way, etc. Yes, I know it is crazy, but these are the things that help my chaotic life feel a little less chaotic. So, what is it about a seemingly harmless shower curtain that makes me insane? It MUST be pushed back to the right side (i.e. the side where all the toiletries are sitting, NOT the side with the faucet). Crazy right? But it drives me insane if it is any other way. Sadly, my poor husband does not understand this. 
In one of my hormonal rampages, I was frustrated that once again the toilet paper roll was empty, socks were left lying on the floor, and the shower curtain was THE WRONG WAY. I was thisclose to having one of my crazy episodes when I remembered what I had read about not nagging and just fixing whatever is bugging you. So, I did it. I grumbled a bit under my breath, but honestly, it wasn’t that big of a deal. 
I’ve been doing this for a couple of months now. I can pretty much guarantee Josh has not noticed and probably didn’t realize how annoyed I was at it. And you know what? I wasn’t doing it so that he would notice. Usually I would want him to take note that I am this great wife who is doing such a great thing. But really? I just want to serve him with a happy heart. I hadn’t realized how much I was struggling with the serving part. I mean, I cook him dinner, wake him up for work, clean up the house…isn’t that enough?! Answer? NOPE. 
You may be reading this and you may not have a husband. So, who else can you serve today? A friend? A family member? A coworker? Try it. It may not come natural at first, sure didn’t for me, but soon enough you may be able to do it with a smile on your face. Seriously. And maybe I am the only person out there who freaks out about seemingly insignificant things and struggles with nagging…so um, hello, welcome to my life. 
I almost didn’t post this. Mainly because I didn’t want this to look like I was saying, “LOOK AT ME!!!” and obviously Josh will read this and will know what I have been doing. But, I felt like it was something that needed to be shared and honestly? It will challenge me to find other ways to serve him. 
So…GO. Go fix that shower curtain. Don’t say a word and just do it. SERVE.

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