Israel | 1 Month

Everyone keeps asking me if the first month went fast. Honestly? I didn’t feel like it did all that much. I think it helped that I got to have 2 weeks of rest with just Israel for the most part while I recovered from my c-section. I can’t recommend that enough. It was a wonderful bonding experience with my new little guy and definitely what he and I needed. He is my little monkey…clinging to me always. 

I, Mallory Crain, did in fact give birth to that baby. Please be impressed. I call him my sumo baby. I am proud.

You are the son we never knew we needed. The little boy who has stolen our hearts and then some. You have made your presence known in this house, that’s for sure. You are a little man with a need for 24/7 snuggles. Everyone grants your wishes happily. We called you a high needs baby, but as it turns out, it was mommy’s accidental caffeine intake that was causing your screaming fits. Now, we call you “Grumpy Gus” because honestly? You are one grumpy boy. If you aren’t being held, while standing, and bouncing up and down, you tend to use your voice…a lot. Let’s just say we were never worried about your lungs. We also find it sweet how you need that physical connection. I wear you in the Moby every day. Your big sister adores you. She also smothers you. I think you two are going to be close…or Eden will make you be her friend. You look like an identical copy of your daddy, but with a teensy bit of mommy thrown in for good measure. You have daddy’s eyes, ears, skin color, height, fingers, and toes, but you have mommy’s nose and look like her grandpa Ray. As for your growth? Oh dear boy, you don’t stop growing! This is a shock after having your sister who struggled to stay on the charts. You have gained a pound a week since leaving the hospital and you have gotten so long. You LOVE to eat so I attribute that to your great size. Nights were extremely hard with you and you stayed awake almost the entire night every night. You dislike stimulation. Bouncers, play mats, toys…all of them make you angry. Israel John, you were the exact child God planned for our family and we are so thankful you are in our lives! You are one well loved little boy!


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