Israel | 2 Months

Better late than never right? Finding time to sit down and document this little guys life seems quite hard to do. He is a bundle of fun and we tend to enjoy staring at him much more than staring at a computer. This kid fits so perfectly into our family. He definitely “shook us up” a bit, but I’m learning his needs and things are much calmer now. Turns out that eating better helped our little boy out in so many ways. I am so glad we were able to find that out. 

Here is our boy now. He was 15.6 lbs in this photo and 24 inches long.
Yeah, so I chose to take his photo when he was both tired and hungry. The sun was going down. I had no other choice. Really. Besides, I thought it captured was his first two months looked like. Thankfully since then he has been the picture of happiness. 
Here is a look back at Gus from one week to two months. 

Oh my little Gus Gus…Guster…Gusterson. We simply adore you. I keep thinking my heart has already exploded with love for you, and yet, somehow the love just grows more and more every day. You smile and have started to babble. Your favorite place is laying naked on a flat surface. That is when you are your happiest. I think you love being able to see our faces. Your sister smothers you and you are not quite tolerant of that just yet. You will learn. Bella hasn’t seemed to notice your existence. I think she gave us and realized there are most likely many more babies to come. You have started to play on your play mat and will sit in your bouncer for super short amounts of time. I love that you need to touch me all the time. I wear you in the Moby many hours every day and neither of us tire of it. In fact, you started holding your head up so well in the last month and I am going to go ahead and thank babywearing for that. You still gag on pacifiers and bottles so “eating mommy’s tummy” as Eden says happens every 2 hours or less. I love having a son. It is something I never knew I would say. Each day your daddy and I get more and more excited to see you grow and learn new things. Goodness I love you so. 

Your slightly obsessed mother. 

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