So notice anything different? Just like my life…my blog needed some changes. My old one just never felt like me. No matter what I did to it, it just didn’t work. I had contemplated doing this for a very long time, but finally felt like it was the right time to JUST DO IT (giving some Nike love there). I transferred all the old posts and comments from The Crain’s Nest over, but from now on you will be visiting A Beautiful Surrender.

So, why that name? 

Well, the first name I wanted wasn’t available. Seriously. And as I prayed about my blog, this name just felt right. I gave my life to Christ at 4 years old. I’ve loved Him ever since. However, in the past couple of years, Josh and I have been on quite the journey. We have literally had to surrender every single part of our lives to God. We gave up our house, our cars, our stuff, our personal space. Every time He shows us another area of our lives that we are holding onto for the wrong reasons, we let it go. It isn’t always super easy, but it is always the best. And the result? It’s always beautiful. I know that may sound crazy, especially if you do not believe in Jesus, but honestly we have never been happier, more content, and closer to Jesus than we are now. Yes, I REALLY want my own place again, I want Josh to have a job that allows him to be home with our family, I would love to have a car so that I can visit friends and do more in ministry, and I would really love to start our adoption process. BUT God will direct us down each of those paths as He leads. So, we continue to surrender. 

My hope is that now that I have a space that reflects me a bit more, I will be able to use my blog as a place for me to be me. To let out my creative side. To do what I love (write). To continue to document my family so that we have a scrapbook of sorts…because we all know I am not a scrapbooker. 

Thanks to those of you that take the time to visit here. To leave me sweet messages. Your words mean so much to me while we are in this phase of life. I generally only get to leave the house on the weekends, so this is just my way of socializing with the outside world. Image


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