Israel | 3 Months

This kid is a super grower. On top of that he is the sweetest baby. Honestly. We can’t get over how much he has changed since we first brought him home from the hospital. Gone are the days of constant screaming. All he does is giggle, smile, and babble…all the day long. I LOVE THIS BOY! 

We don’t have another check-up until he turns 4 months, but I did weigh him on our home scale and he is now in the 18 pound range. Yeah. That is 3 pounds more than last month. People keep telling me he can’t grow at this rate forever, but I am starting to think they may not be right. YOU GUYS…how did a 5’0 girl make this baby?! I mean Josh isn’t short, but he surely isn’t that tall. Israel doesn’t only weigh a lot, but he is also long. It is getting significantly harder to hold onto him. Ergo to the rescue this month! Here he is now..

ImageAnd for funsies (new word…deal) let’s take a walk down memory lane.

ImageL to R: 1 week / 1 month / 2 months / 3 months


My sweet sweet boy. To say mommy is obsessed with you would be such a very big understatement. I am absolutely smitten. I want to eat you up. You are taking over your mommy already in size. I thought I would have a LITTLE bit of time before you were taller than me, but my days are numbered. I have told you repeatedly that you are not allowed to look at any other girls besides your mommy, and that is final. Your days consist of chewing on your fist, sleeping on mommy in the Ergo, getting licked by Bella, watching your sister’s crazy antics, screeching as loud as possible, babbling to anything that will listen, laughing at everything, and eating. Lots of eating. We have officially figured out that dairy and chocolate are not your thing. Which means they aren’t mommy’s thing either. The things I will do for you dear boy. You have started to want to be a big boy. Laying down is for babies. If you are in the bouncer you are just doing constant sit-ups. Dear child, please stop breaking my heart by growing so quickly. Your daddy and I LOVE this stage. You are so aware of everything and you make us feel hilarious with all of your belly laughs. You have been on so many adventures with us and we love that you just go along with anything.

Gus, you are an amazing son. Can’t wait to see what this month brings!


Your crazy mom. 


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