Israel | 9 Months


So…the last time I posted one of Israel’s monthly updates was when he was 3 months old. Ahem. The good news is I was still taking photos that entire time. Which is actually kind of a shocker. Also, you’ll notice a little bit of a background change in his photos. Yeah, I owe you some serious updates because we moved. In August. And all sorts of things have changed. Blogger fail. Anyway…back to my handsome boy! He grows. A lot. He is at the top of the charts and we still can’t get over it. After having a child that had such a hard time growing, this is a welcome change. He sits up, scoots, and is trying SO hard to crawl. He loves to stand and jump with our help. He has slowly started solid foods and is just now truly eating. We gave him a little at 7 months, but his tummy just wasn’t up for it so we waited until now and he is feeding himself like a champ. I am so glad we were so relaxed about solids this time around. I stressed way too much. Now we are just watching his needs.

Let me tell you. The boy LOVES his food. He is a food monster. Favorite foods: banana, carrots, sweet potatoes, avocado, ground beef, lentils, bone broth, rice cake, peas, and really anything he can get his hands on. I haven’t found anything he doesn’t like as of yet. He has been drinking of a straw and an open cup since he was six months. I’m still shocked at how he picked up on it the first time we handed him a straw and a cup. Crazy boy.

Israel is the most laid back baby. He has a personality, that is for sure, but he is happy and relaxed always. Seriously, we just whisk him away anywhere and he will adjust so easily. We are loving it. Now don’t be fooled…when he has something on his mind HE WILL TELL YOU. He truly is a carbon copy of his daddy. So very relaxed, but will speak up as needed. And that boy? He is a chatter. He loves to babble. He has had his fair share of sicknesses lately and drama. Right when we first moved to our new town he had his elbow dislocated (nursemaids elbow) by his sister. Poor girl was just trying to help him roll back over. Worst moment. Thankfully the doctor got him all situated and he was back to his happy self immediately. He also had a severe case of croup not too long ago. That was no fun. The boy couldn’t breathe. Literally. So thankful for pediatricians who let you call them all hours of the night.

Israel John, I thank God every day for you. I can’t get over how perfect of an addition to our family you are. We all love you so much. I’m so thankful for the bond that we have. I’m already loving the moments we have crashing all of your toy trucks. Still working through the getting dirty part, but I’ll come around. You are a blessing to our lives sweet boy!!





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