Cloth Diaper Week: Surprise Reveal!!!

Today is the BIG day!!! Seriously, I am so excited to be a part of this. I feel like we should have a drumroll…

Release ads_cr24

Today is the day that Rock-a-Bums releases their PRINTS! I have been so excited about this day for so long! And to celebrate they are hosting a MASSIVE giveaway. Are you ready for this?

Rock-a-Bums is giving away a “From Birth to Potty Learning” stash of 9 covers (prints or solids, winners choice), 18 inserts, and 60 hybrid inserts.

If you have been considering cloth diapering, have a friend that wants to cloth diaper, or want a whole new stash (so basically EVERYONE) you need to enter! Tell your friends…this is something that just has to be shared it’s so fun.

Head on over to their HUGE giveaway and then come back here for more info on why we big puffy heart Rock-A-Bums…don’t worry…I’ll wait…

Welcome back! Now let’s go over some of the new features of the 2.0. We LOVED their 1.0 so you can bet the 2.0 is amazing.

FABRIC: It’s proprietary to Rock-a-Bums and is quick to wick away moisture and is hospital grade hypo allergenic. You guys. It is black. This is genius when you are talking about a DIAPER that gets poo on it all the time. No need to worry about stains!

VELCRO: Although I am a self proclaimed snap lover…I sure do love their high quality velcro when I am trying to change a wiggly boy in the middle of the night.

TUMMY PANEL: The RAB’s now have an extra layer of fabric in the front of the diaper which helps for tummy sleepers and for boys (this is now something I have to think about you know)

TWO OPENINGS: Although we typically only use our RAB’s as an AI2, we have been known to use the pocket for overnight. For those of you that use it as a pocket diaper, you will love this feature. This makes it so easy to get inserts in and out!

NEW SNAP ARRANGEMENT: This time around they did away with the hip snap so now you only have two rows of snaps to work with!

And as always, Rock-a-Bums still can be used 5 different ways. Curious? They thought you might be so they posted a video explaining each one of its uses.

Clearly, Rock-A-Bums are a favorite around here. Now, make sure if you haven’t already, to head on over to their giveaway!

And, because I am OBSESSED with their new prints. Let’s just take one last look at them, shall we?

Blue VelvetZanadu

Punk Plaid GreenPunk Plaid Pink

(from top to bottom:  blue velvet, zanadu, punk plaid green, & punk plaid pink)

Which one is your favorite? I am thinking Israel needs to be rocking some guitars…but that plaid sure would look so great on him too.

*All opinions are my own. 


2 thoughts on “Cloth Diaper Week: Surprise Reveal!!!

  1. EEEK! SO excited about these!! Mal, our boys need them!!!!!! I need to up my stash with the new one coming!

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