Cost of Adoption

We created this page in an effort to be transparent through this whole process and most importantly, to glorify God as He funds what He loves. We want everyone following our journey to watch Him move mountains. The cost of adoption is so large. The cost to adopt two is even larger. We refused to be scared. We have watched God move mountains for us before. He has always provided for our needs. If you are considering adoption and are intimidated by the costs, talk to us! We want you to watch these fees be checked off until we are fully funded. We can’t wait to see who God works through to help us bring our babies HOME.

Now for the numbers…


We are looking at the total cost of our adoption from Haiti for one child to be: $35,668

For 2 children the cost goes up to: $47,500 (due to paying double the fees to care for your two children in the orphanage)

Currently, we are focused on the $40,000. We learned early on from other families that have gone before us that the best thing you can do is look at the next payment due and fundraise for that. So, we are following that advice.

Fees paid so far:

Application Fee: $250 – PAID

First Agency Fee: $2412.50 – PAID

Prepare/Enrich Training: $35 – PAID

Fingerprints: $40 – PAID


I will add here that we were able to save up as we waited to start our adoption. We knew we had a few months before we could start due to the age requirements of Haiti. So, we took that time to set aside extra money. That helped a ton! BUT we also know many who have started with $1 and God has still been faithful in their adoption. We live VERY tightly on a normal basis so we already have cut most areas. Thankfully, Josh continues to stay so busy in real estate and half of each paycheck he receives goes to our adoption fund! That is a huge blessing for our family.

Feel free to ask questions if you have any! You can always shoot me an email at thecrainsnest at gmail dot com

Our current fundraiser:

Just Love Coffee

YouCaring – Donation Site


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